Planning & Forecasting

The budgeting solution based on the WriteBack Plugin for MicroStrategy delivers effective, centralized budgeting solutions in a WEB based environment. The solution assists both public and privat sector organizations build cross-divisional budgets with ease while eliminating the need for spreadsheets, unnecessary e-mail communication and use of many applications.

Adaptable to various organisational structures and planning styles

Centralized and decentralized planning

Configurable product, employee, and project dimensions

Budget allocations, based on seasonality, past tendencies or forecasts

Workflow support, versioning, approvals, and alerts

Easily customizable solution with metadata configuration

Budgeting based on actuals

Activity Based Costing

ABC is recognised as the most advanced approach for calculating "true" cost for products, customers or services. It attributes indirect costs based not on volume, but on activities required or performed. This valuable costing tool is now available on MicroStrategy. We provide out of the box ABC model implementation which provides:

  • Calculation of economic break-even points;
  • Identification of profit-makers and losers;
  • Ability to identify and focus on opportunities for improvement;
  • Comparison of investment alternatives.
Inventory & Logistics

Keep your optimal level of inventory with WriteBack Plugin Inventory & Logistics solution. Set thresholds for SKU procurement, calculate optimal order quantities, control expiry dates on batch level, generate orders, import delivery notifications and more.

Document Management

WriteBack Plugin attachment handling functionality provide unique way to turn your MicroStrategy environment into integrated Document Management application. Allow your business users to upload and download documents, control access and create custom document workflows.

Human Resource Monitoring

Employee timesheet data is a major component of the Human Resource Monitoring solution. Built with WriteBack Plugin it provides flexible personalized timesheet design options for tracking planned and reported working hours and allocation to projects or activities. Based on the familiar MicroStrategy Web user interface Human Resource Monitoring solution is easy to use for the business users. For maximum control integration with door/gates security data is also possible.

Master Data Management

Use WriteBack Plugin to provide centralized and up to date Master Data across your enterprise. Allow your business users to monitor and correct your business critical data like client information, product descriptions etc. Creation of hierarchies and custom mapping is also supported.

Data quality

Sometimes it is not possible to get all the data you need automatically. For example, you are using customer data from CRM application in MicroStrategy but there is address missing or data is wrong. It can take a lot of time or may not be possible to correct data in CRM and then load data again. With the Data Quality solution build on the WriteBack Plugin, you can easily enter missing data directly into report without any programming. This functionality helps analysts and managers prepare and distribute better reports and analytics.

System Integration

Data warehouses usually has certain latency meaning data is loaded periodically, for example, once per day. However, often business users need to load the data upon request. Traditionally that means contacting IT suppport to trigger appropriate data loading (ETL) processes. With WirteBack Plugin System Integration solution business users are able to launch ETL processes themselves - right from the MicroStrategy Web environment. Solution also supports data loading from MS Excel spreadsheets or entering data manually. Such approach significantly increase business users productivity and reduce IT maintenance costs for BI solutions.