Latest changes

Version 1.8

Integration with Google Maps - it is possible to select location on Google Map and save coordinates (longitute, latitude) in the warehouse

Added support for the Amazon Redshift database

Version 1.7

New SQL generation engine - standard, report, metric, button, pre and post SQL generation options

New parameters for SQL generation - server name, session id and ip address in addition to user name and login parameters

New data validation options - javascript based validation for integer and decimal numbers

Security improvements - encryption of the database connection information, improved protection against SQL injection threats

Custom buttons now can be used to open custom URL in the new browser window

Option to hide standard Submit and Cancel buttons

Option to format custom buttons (color, padding, messages)

Added support for the Exasol database

Added support for the MariaDB database

WriteBack Plugin metadata upgrade and export/import functionality

Version 1.6

Excel attachment - it is possible to attach Excel file in the writeback form and load its data into warehouse (mssql, oracle)