What is the difference between WriteBack Plugin and MicroStrategy Transaction Services?

WriteBack Plugin is used in MicroStrategy Web grid reports, but Transaction Services are used in MicroStrategy Report Services documents and MicroStrategy Mobile. So these technologies do not overlap.

Do WriteBack Plugin forms work on mobile devices and iPads?

Although WriteBack Plugin is meant for MicroStrategy Web, the forms can be assessed and data written to database(s) using the Safari browser on iPad and iPhone.

Is WriteBack Plugin available only for the databases shown in the technical specification?

WriteBack Plugin uses JDBC drivers to connect to the WriteBack Plugin metadata and data warehouse, so it can be easily made compatible with other databases with JDBC drivers.

Can we add new lines in the fact tables using WriteBack Plugin?

Yes, existing data can be updated and new records added to the fact table (perform INSERT). The installation and configuration guide provided with the setup gives a detailed explanation.

Is it possible to test the WriteBack Plugin before purchasing?

Yes, you can test it by downloading the demo version from www.writebackplugin.com (limited to 5 writeback forms) or by requesting access to our hosted demo.

Is WriteBack Plugin only meant for building budgeting and planning applications on top of MicroStrategy?

There are many other applications aivailable. For example, our customers use the WriteBack Plugin to write missing data, fixed dimensions values or other parameters to the data warehouse. In some scenarios users upload documents to the warehouse using WriteBack Plugin. In many cases our customers leverage the functionality to upload pdf format documents, created at financial period closing, to the warehouse so later users can compare data from the system and from these uploaded reports. We have a solution for ABC costing: WriteBack Plugin is used to execute cost-mapping algorithms to efficiently map costs to activities/products. There are many other solutions and more are on the way.

What MicroStrategy licenses are required for the WriteBack Plugin?

WriteBack Plugin is operating on top of the standard MicroStrategy Web grid reports for which a MicroStrategy Web license is required for each user. You need also MicroStrategy Server license for each MicroStrategy Web user in your environment.

What is licensing model for the WriteBack Plugin?

WriteBack Plugin is licensed per MicroStrategy Web instance (environment) regardless of the number of users. For example, if you need WriteBack Plugin in your development, test and production environments you need 3 licenses of the WriteBack Plugin.


Installation you download from the www.writebackplugin.com website is for MicroStrategy Web ASP.NET environment and includes an optional demo project with preconfigured MicroStrategy version 9.4.1 metadata and warehouse and writeback metadata to jumpstart your writeback experience. Please contact WriteBack Plugin Technical Support if you require installation for the MicroStrategy Web JSP environment.

Please refer to the WriteBack Plugin setup guide provided with installation for the detailed instructions on setup and usage of the WriteBack Plugin.

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