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Business problem:
Traditional BI systems are limited to analytic functionality. Business users are forced to use different systems to effectively manage their business critical data (BI, ERP, EPM, CRM … Excel) spending their valuable time on non core business activities. Also for IT than means additional costs for supporting non-integrated systems.

WriteBack Plugin – rapid application development tool for MicroStrategy Analytics Platform for building custom Web based data management solutions or using standard preconfigured packaged solutions.

Free WriteBack Plugin demo software for up to 5 reports
WriteBack Plugin consulting, implementation and support services offered by Visma or preferred partner


Business users are working in the familiar MicroStrategy Web environment managing their business critical data in one place saving time, costs and IT resources

Transforms MicroStrategy from pure BI tool into transaction system capable of handling complex business processes like budget planning, forecasting, stock management, document management, master data management etc.

Fast and intuitive development of writeback applications for MicroStrategy Web with WriteBack Plugin using dedicated configuration tool. Extensive library of data management controls: textbox, dropdown list, radio button, check box, attachment etc.